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Just News: Avant

I am pleased and excited to announce my new photography exhibition titled Avant. The show is to be held in 2015 at the Gallery in Leeds.

The exhibition is the photographic result of my partnership with the award winning dance company Northern Ballet. Over the last few years the company has granted me privileged access observing and recording the companies work, up close and personal. Allowing time to witness the commitment, people and process behind creating outstanding visual dance productions. The resulting images illustrate the dedication, professionalism and endeavour of the world of modern ballet through contemporary documentary and portrait photography.

Please make a note in your calendar of the exhibition dates details below. It would be great to see as many people attend as possible so please share the news.

Monday 30th March – Saturday 11th April 

The event runs over the easter break so it will be great place to kill a few hours during inevitable holiday rain.

Please keep an eye open for more announcements over the next few weeks.