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Coming soon to print

Well, today is a grey and miserable wet day in Leeds. So no better day then to start my long awaited overhaul of my print portfolio.

In this digital age I am still a big believer in seeing images in print form. Please do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong we the iPad and the high resolutions of todays computer screens as they all make images look fantastic.

However you cannot beat the feeling of looking at and touching a 16×12 inch piece of photographic paper. A feeling that I believe over time and over generations will come back to be totally appreciated and understood. When I started out my first job was developing BW film in the chemical filled environment of the photographic darkroom. Then I would take the processed negative film and print through a photographic enlarger to create a final print. These processes are where the magic happened and one of the reasons why I fell in love with photography.

Nowadays I have to use the modern digital darkroom but I am still trying to create the photographic print relationship of the past. There is something organic about an image on a physical piece of paper. There is a depth to the image and when the process is done right a feel that is hard to put into words.

Maybe there is a younger generation starting to realise too. As with the growth of analogue vinyl sales and an increase in record players available there is also a steady growth in film sales and discovery of film cameras. There are also now numerous high quality print magazines appearing such as Cereal and Another EscapeI recommend taking a look at them and they are both available from Colours May Vary and Village.

Possibly like any working photographer when given the objective of creating a new portfolio I find the process both a joy and a painful task.This time I think I might try a new approach and include quite a lot of images taken from self produced projects.The image above is taken from an on going series looking at the world of the professional ballet dancer captured during a pre performance exercise and shot at the Grand Theatre, Leeds.

Wish me good look as the dreaded portfolio review is a real exercise in self assessment and therapy and please drop me a line if you are interested in viewing my new book when the task is complete.