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New Camera: Fuji XT1

I don’t really go for kit and technique blog posts because technique is so personal and I believe rules are meant to be broken. I think you can capture a good image with an iPhone or a Hasselblad but I had to share my first test images with my new Fuji XT1. I have owned a few Fuji cameras now but the XT1 has to said is a beautiful camera. Small, light and it produces excellent files. I would totally recommend considering taking a look at one.

Here are a few sample images I shot when first testing the camera on Friday with a kindly loaned Fuji 56mm 1.4 lens from The Flash Centre, Leeds and a purchased Carl Zeiss 32mm 1.8 Touit lens.

If Fuji now want to loan me some more lenses I will gladly start writing some reviews on X system.