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Last Friday, on a grey overcast day I decided to take a last minute day off from work.

My impromptu decision was the result of a desire to visit the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield. The reason for such recklessness was the work of American artist Philip-Lorca Dicorcia.

Now I have to admit I was not that familiar with all of his work. I had seen and admired his series Hustlers so I was keen to check out the content of the full exhibition. I had also been looking for an excuse for some time to visit the Hepworth as I am a little found of modern design and concrete.

Personally, my photography preferences are in the world of documentary. So the work of DIcorcia does not sit instantly comfortably with me. His work does draw from the world of the great American Street photographers. Initially it appears to show everyday life, however the work is actually meticulously arranged and staged and the images are a world of realistic representation. As a photographer you cannot help questioning the work of Dicorcia. It is inspiring, the lighting the ideas and the execution are stunning. It also makes you think and examine the people and subjects pictured and question their lives. It really is the best example I have seen of the world of art and photography meeting.

The gallery prints and the environment sit perfectly and are fantastic. The layout and framing of the exhibition is top draw. I totally enjoyed my first visit to the Hepworth. Along with the gallery this exhibition in my view is the one cultural visit everyone should make this spring. Well done to the Hepworth, Wakefield a great exhibition and a great venue.

It also has the added bonus of being free not like the overpriced Bailey exhibition currently on at the National Portrait Gallery in London.