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Colour Management

Colour Management

Policy for Adobe/CMYK print applications and for digital print SRGB and SRGB Web file colour profiles for supplied digital files.

The image file(s) supplied on hard drive/usb flat drive or via the ftp transfer service “We Transfer” are saved to the default colour setting of the photographic industry, standard colour profile of Adobe (1998) RGB files at 300dpi.

The files are by default saved and set to the original image dimension as High Jpeg or uncompressed Tiff files.

To ensure these files are accurately used and reproduced please read the following notes.

1. To ensure consistent colour reproduction both on screen and in print, the image files supplied by Justin Slee Photography have been prepared within a closed loop colour-managed workflow using a professionally calibrated monitor.

2. All images supplied are embedded with Adobe (1998) RGB colour profile.

3. When handling these image files please observe the following:

(a) Always view the files on a professionally, colour calibrated monitor.

(b) When opening the files in an editing programme such as Adobe Photoshop the embedded profile should be converted to the working space.

(c) All RGB files require professional CMYK or SRGB conversion before final output printing.

(d) If the RGB files are printed without accurate CMYK conversion they may appear bright or dark, desaturated and lacking contrast in the final printed document.

(e) Unsharp masking should be applied after image re-sizing and the correct colour profile conversion for usage has been done. This ideally should be applied by a professional print company.

4. Digital images intended for web use should be converted to a SRGB colour profile and the default dpi set to 72dpi and re saved via save for web use in Adobe Photoshop.

The RGB files provided should not just be just re sized only as they may appear desaturated and lacking in contrast when they are viewed online.

Once a SRGB file is assigned the contrast levels and colour saturation may have to be altered before final web file preparation and uploading.

5. If the image use is to be a digital photographic print, the image may also have be converted to a SRGB colour working space with the final image size at 300dpi. For accurate results please use a professional photographic lab who should be able to provide you with a colour profile to assign to the file before print output.

Please always speak to your print suppliers for more detailed advice on the type of file conversion and preparation for digital files to provide accurate reproduction.

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